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International Shipping



When it comes to shipping overseas, there are only two ways of transportation: shipping by air and shipping by sea.

Shipping cargo by air is much quicker, which may be appealing to clients requiring the product to be urgently delivered, or those arranging exhibitions and shows that last only a couple of days. For instance, the whole process of shipping freight from the USA to Europe may take maximum several days together with picking up the pieces, the careful packing and crating, delivery to the airport, customs clearance and shipping to the final point of their destination. We additionally handle all paperwork and import/export documentation so that this process is smooth.

Shipping cargo by sea is a much less expensive way of international transportation as compared to air shipping, though it obviously takes much more time. However, sea shipping may become the only appropriate solution for the transportation of the entire art exhibitions or large sizes and heavy weights. The fact is that sea transport can accommodate huge containers sized 20 by 40 feet and oversized items of any weight as well as LCL (Less than Container Load) meaning we consolidate your freight into a shared container. This method of shipping can save you money; if you have the luxury of time. Transit times via sea is are not guaranteed.

Acts Crating & Transportation operates across the United States and internationally in most countries, so we can provide you with the complete cargo management. We offer a wide range of services, including picking up items from any location, packing, and choosing the best method of shipping.

Acts Crating evaluates all possible packing options and transportation modes according to their time and cost efficiency before shipping domestically or internationally. We practice an individual approach to every single order. Consider our services tailored to you!