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Custom Packing

Crating & Packing


We will give our recommendation for packing options for your specific shipment along with options and pricing.

Boxing – creating corrugated containers – yes, we make our own for each individual item. This is the least expensive option but is not always the best option depending on the nature of the cargo.

Crating – our Professional Carpenters produce custom crates for the type, size and weight of the contents. We secure the items using the highest quality in packing materials taking into consideration not only the transportation to destination but the receiver’s ability to unpack & crate safely.

Types of Crates

  • Commercial crates
  • Export Crates
  • Fine Art Crates
  • Furniture Crates
  • Industrial Crates
  • LCD Plama TV Crates
  • Motorcycle Crates
  • Museum Crates
  • One Way Crates
  • Production Crates
  • Reusable Crates
  • Shipping Crates
  • Slat Crates
  • Storage Crates
  • Trade Show Crates
  • Travel Crates
  • Wardrobes Crates

Palletizing – are your goods already packed in boxes? We can custom make a pallet to fit your boxes. We engineer the pallets based on weight, size and maneuverability by forklifts. If your goods are shipping overseas we meet all wood requirements set forth by the destination country. (ISPM-15)

Wrapping – We offer soft packing for cargo being loaded in a full container – this option is used mostly for Household Goods.